Below is a collection of finisher workouts that you can use after your main training session to drain the tank of any energy, burn more calories and fat or improve your cardio.  You can also use Finisher workouts to target lagging body parts or work on something specific you are weak at.

All in all here is a list of short circuits to use after your main workout is complete


1. Mountain Climber Finisher Workout

2. Chest Workout- Increase Size and Build Muscle

3. Bodyweight Chest Workout- Build Muscle and Size

4. Workout for MMA

5. Battle Ropes Workout

6. Butt Workout: Glute Workout for Women

7. Plyometrics Workout

8. Kettlebell Workout: Finisher Ladder Circuit

9. Chest Finisher

10. Back Workout- Tri-Set

11. Squats- 100 Rep Squats Challenge

12. M-100 MMA Cardio Workout

13. Workout Finisher- 5 Minute Circuit

14. Tabata Workout for MMA

15. Killer MMA Cardio Workout- Tabata Burpee Circuit

16. MMA Training “10 Minutes of Pride MMA Workout”